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Exhibition: Emotional jetlag – Limbo September 2020

A proposition: 5-7 cars are parked in the LIMBO Garage.

Artistes are invited to tune, create installations as interiors, tell stories, play their music, sleep, inhabit these cars for an expo which will last 1-2 weeks in September 2020.

The proposition was generated by questioning contemporary culture’s facility for mobility and the affect of speed and displacement in a rapidly globalised world. A space through a place.

"--Part 2: The car as a thought bubble
The curved tinted glass screens on every side of you project the world as you tunnel a way through it. Totally absorbed in the scenery, a unique television experience without the spectacle of representation. Cars provide their own way of experiencing time and space. Not on the same single lateral plain as a train, where the landscape is pulled past you like someone yanking the rug out from beneath your feet. Not like a plane, enclosed within a white pressurised sensory deprivation tank in the sky where rows of people peep out of wormholes onto the earth below. And not literally face to face with your surroundings to point where sneezing becomes a near-death experience such on a motorcycle. (...)

--Part 3: Political nature of taking our time and the car as its platform. The family road trip as a political act against cultures of comfort and convenience in an era where our thirst for speed is sucking the ground beneath our feet dry. The car as a site for how we treat time and displacement, and it's interior a domestic space decorated with sounds, textures, narratives, and feelings. Boredom as an acceptable cultural and environmental necessity.
This exhibition hopes to provide a space and time for artists to build narratives, recount memories which stretch out across landscapes as people feel the dilution ofone place into another. To think about times and cultures within displacement."

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